Loc Journey

My loc journey began back in 2006. I had the privilege to travel to Madagascar on a mission trip. I traveled with two ladies, one of the ladies traveling with me had locs. Her daily preparation each morning was minimal at best. She wrapped her hair at night, took the wrap off in the morning, sprayed her hair with oil sheen and she was off and running. Her hair care maintenance each morning on the trip was less than 5 minutes. I noticed.

I began to ask questions about locs and she gladly shared her journey and her love for her locs. At that time she was 7 or more years into her loc journey. At that time I had micro braids and it was relatively easy, low maintenance too, but it wasn’t my hair. The difference in my deliberations was either continue to have my hair braided with synthetic hair versus going natural. It took a lot of soul searching for me to trust that I was making the right decision for me. I truly believe that it comes down to that…what’s right for YOU! That was the key to my decision back in 2006. About 30 days after I returned from my mission trip I made the decision to go natural.

Darlene2006The weekend I decided to do it, I came home from work on a Friday night, cut the micro braids out and went to a natural hair salon on Saturday morning. The hair dresser cut my natural hair and installed my first two strand twist. I went from having long, beautiful micro braids to 2 inch Nubian twist on my hair. A significant difference for those who knew me. Most people were in shock by the short cut and twist but I felt free! It took some getting use to but I was going natural and I was willing to go through the process to get to my locs. More to come!